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Learning the Skill of Stress Shifting
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Who is this for?

  • Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, or lack of energy?
  • Want to find more effective ways of dealing with stress to be calm, confident, centered, and resilient?
  • Are looking for tools to use each day, instead of just temporary stress relief?

Then the Stress Shifter Skills Course is for you!




Shifting Stress is an opportunity

to learn and grow to become:




and balanced

When stressed, the higher brain shuts down and is less capable of cognitive thinking, memory retention, or open to learning new things.

By learning the Skill of Mindful Stress Shifting, rather than settling for just putting up with your stress, you can access your higher brain.

With this mindful skill you can:

  • Be more relaxed and calmer
  • Be more focused with improved concentration
  • Develop more creative and effective responses to life’s stressors 
  • Prevent burnout and be less overwhelmed
  • Learn to be more resilient 
  • Be healthier, reducing your health costs and chances of serious disease


Stress Shifter Skills Course

Learn the Skill of Mindful Stress Shifting to Be More Calm, Centered, and Creative

The Stress Shifter Skills Four Module Course 

Module 1: Embracing the Opportunity to Learn and Grow by Facing our Stress

This module teaches that by facing our stress reactions we can learn new ways to respond mindfully and creatively to everyday threats and challenges.  You learn about how to upgrade from our primitive brain operating system which keeps us on continual alert for possible pain, activating anxiety, worry, or ways to cope.  When you get "the Brain Operating Manual" you never were taught in school, it will empower you to see stress as an opportunity to learn and grow stronger as a person. 

Module 2: Discovering the Root Causes of Stress to Open new Possibilities of Being Resilient and Calm 

The module develops our inner detective to observe and identify our stress triggers.  By learning how to read the body sensations, emotions, and self-judgments we can gain insights into the underlying causes of stress reactions.  This wisdom can then help us recover quickly to find our inner resources and center to take more effective actions.

You will learn the four Stress Shifter principles of Stress Creation and Transformation which are the foundation to develop the skill of mindful stress shifting. Several easy-to-learn tools are given that can be used daily to accelerate the stress shifting process.

Module 3: Freeing ourselves from old brain programs that keep us stuck in stress

Learn How to use the Power of Self-Compassion and Wisdom to be Free from old stress producing patterns of thought and behavior.  Visualize and Design new Self-Beliefs that free us from limiting self-beliefs that we unknowingly adopted before we had developed the discernment to know whether or not these were true ways to view ourselves. 

Module 4: Shifting from Stress to Being FREE in the FLOW of our Life each moment!

In this module we explore using the Power of the Flow to handle a negative stress reaction as they arise in daily life.

We will learn 5 powerful tools to Manage and Shift Stress that can be practiced each day for the rest of your life.

Finally, to help ground this Skill of Mindful Stress Shifting into a practical day-to-day practice we explain how to use the online Stress Shifter App to shift your stress 24/7. 

Example of Stress Shifter Skills Course: Becoming the Programmer of your Brain Operating System

Here is a 3 minute excerpt from the course about the Missing Brain Manual. It will explain what we were not taught in school.


For more important content like this enroll in the Stress Shifter Skills Course


Leading Cardiologist Endorses the Stress Shifter Skills Course

The Stress Shifter Skills Course is PERFECT for you if...

  1. You are tired of feeling stressed out and want to find more effective ways of dealing with stress than just coping with it. 
  2. You want to find more healthier ways to manage stress than relying on such unhealthy ways such as drinking, eating, avoiding, denying, or pretending you are not stressed.
  3. You are curious about learning what triggers your stress and understanding more about the underlying causes of your stress. 
  4. You want to reduce how much time, money and effort it takes to recover from stressful days.
  5. You are interested in learning skills that will actually address the problem of stress to produce more lasting solutions, than investing in stress relief activity that is wasting valuable time by not really providing real answers.  
  6. You are concerned that if you don't stop avoiding dealing with stress, it will lead to more serious consequences to your health, and well-being
  7. You are aware of and excited about the possibility that you will gain some proven tools that can be used each day to turn stress into a positive learning opportunity. 
  8. You are ready to face your stress and grow stronger as person and experience more energy, calmness, and be more productive.

If you said “yes” to at least 3 of the points above, we can’t wait to meet you inside the Stress Shifting Skills Course

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Stress Shifter Skills Course -

  • 4 Module Course to view anytime - $399 Retail Value
  • Stress Shifter Support Community Membership- $199 per Year Retail Value
  • Stress Shifter App Subscription- $99 per Year
  • Coaching Tips Bonus Videos and Meditations- Included

Total Retail Value: $697

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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Stress Shifter Skills Course Full Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident that the information and tools that we offer in the Stress Shifter Skills Course when applied will produce significant improvements in how you respond to stressful situations, so that you become less stressed and calmer.   If, for any reason, after attending the four weekly classes, you don't feel satisfied you will be entitled a full refund, less a 10% admin fee.   To get your refund, you would just need to send us an email within one month of completing the course, stating your experience of the course, so we can learn any ways to improve the course.

Why do we need to learn how to Shift Stress?

Chronic Stress Can Kill Us

Chronic stress can cause serious health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as immune deficiencies, which can make it harder for your body to fight infections. Chronic stress also causes memory and concentration problems and can lead to depression and anxiety disorders.

When we over rely on our outdated primitive Brain Operating System to meet the day-to-day Challenges of living in a Modern World, we are continually triggering our fight/flight/freeze responses causing STRESSful reactions throughout our body.

What is Stress?

We often refer to stress as an emotion, but it is actually a much more complicated phenomenon. Stress is, in fact, a complex mix of emotional, physical and behavioral responses. Feeling “stressed out” is your body’s way of saying, “I cannot cope with this challenging situation.”

But stress is not always just a result of something negative happening to us. It can be something that takes us out of our usual routines, or something that creates more responsibility or work for us—even something very positive and exciting, like planning a wedding or adjusting to life with a new baby. Having some level of stress is a necessary and positive thing. Stress can be motivating and can enhance performance—ask any athlete or stage performer! But too much stress is a bad thing.

Shift your Stress Story Narrative

Experiencing stress usually creates a story in the mind, and if we get caught up in such stories — saying things, to ourselves or others, like “I’m stressed!” — then we essentially keep ourselves in the stress, ensuring that we’ll feel that way for the rest of the day.

Now, backed by the last 20 years of Brain research and Neuroscience, we know about the tremendous capacity of the Brain for 'Neuroplasticity'. A key finding is "Neurons that FIRE together, WIRE together."
This means it is possible to Change the Stress Story by creating new neural pathways to design more healthy, effective responses to today's challenging Stressors.
So, by rewiring our Brains, we can change our lives. By designing new programs, we can change the patterns of our brain firings to lay the foundation for new perceptions and experiences.

Only by learning to make shifts to access the higher brain capacities and acquiring the tools to reflect, gain insights and control can we creatively respond to challenges and go beyond our automatic pre-programmed stress responses.

Mindfulness is a Key Tool utilized in the Stress Shifter Course 


Stress Shifter is based on Mindfulness which is an ancient meditation practice to increase Self-Awareness, leading to greater Self-Knowledge and Realization. By applying the principles and practices of mindfulness to get to know how our brain operates, this will open up the possibility that we can learn how to operate our brain/mind more consciously and effectively.

Rather than being caught up in our stress, the Stress Shifter Course teaches us to become the observers of certain mental patterns and, therefore, become less physically affected by them.

After completing the 4 week course, you will emerge with a better understanding of the dynamics of stress and a different perspective of how you relate to the thoughts and feelings that arise.


Even though the reasons to pursue Stress Shifting are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but easy and when trying to do it alone  without the support of  clear instruction, proven tools and techniques, and a community of like-minded folks.

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Your Journey

to Becoming Less Stressed,

More Calm, Centered,

and Creative.

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How Stress Shifter Works

Stress Shifter Frees Us by Taming "Amy" (Amygdala)

Located deep within the brain’s limbic system are two almond-sized nuclei called the amygdala — essentially tiny processing chips that govern our senses, memories, decisions, and moods. When it comes to how we react to life and express ourselves, this is where it all happens. The amygdala is our emotional thermostat.

Studies involving MRI scans show that the amygdala shrinks in response to meditation practice. As the amygdala reduces in size, the prefrontal cortex — the area of the brain governing our awareness — becomes thicker. So, through meditation, we are increasing our capacity to manage stress and be more aware.

The Stress Shifter Skill Course will provide specific information, exercises, and meditations designed to reduce the influence of the Amygdala, and increase the capacity to manage stress and increase self-awareness.

Stress Shifter increases your Power to creatively respond to Challenges

Stress Shifter provides information,  tools and exercises to support you in shifting from automatically reacting to challenges to consciously creating desired outcomes.  Stress Shifter provides exercises to strengthen your creative powers to more effectively handle challenging situations. It takes you through a step-by-step process to understand the subconscious reactive roles, strategies, and beliefs that limit your ability to meet the day-to-day challenges you face.

Stress Shifter will help you become more mindful of your stress reactive patterns, allowing you to connect sensations, emotions, and thoughts, have insight for growth, and develop new positive patterns.

Once you have gained new insights by surfacing your subconscious stress producing reactions, you will have new power to design and execute more effective roles, strategies, beliefs, and actions. The more you are in touch with your creative powers the less stress you will have, and the more you will be able to create what you want in your life.

Stress Shifter Uncovers the Root Causes of Stress 

Stress is generated when we feel threatened. If, we don’t feel safe, we start reacting by fighting, flighting, or freezing. When we feel we don’t belong, we can feel stressed. When we feel we don’t matter, we feel stressed, and when we feel disrespected or ignored we can feel stressed. When we feel we are stuck, or plateaued, that we are not growing or learning, we can feel stressed. When our core needs are not met, these are the root causes of stress reactions.

To address the root causes of stress, we begin by devising more effective strategies to get our core needs met. We need to meet our core needs to feel Safe, feel we belong, feel we matter, and feel respected.  And above all, we need to actualize our potential to be confident that we are a unique contributing person.

Example of Stress Shifter Skills Course: On Facing Social Stressors which are a major cause of Stress

Here is another short excerpt from the course on the need to identify social stressors which often trigger our stress reactions. 2:15 minutes


For more important content like this enroll in the Stress Shifter Skills Course


Hear How Stress Shifter Has Helped People Shift Stress

What is the most valuable take_away you got from this course?

"The improved relationships and happiness I have now compared to before. No matter what comes my way, I know I can handle it, because it is within my power to handle it. I'm a much happier and more positive person now."

Tawnee R.

"Learning step by step how to transform stress to be more calm and grounded."

Michele C. 

"I don’t have to keep letting stress affect me the same way. I can change both how I see and process stress and live a more joyful, free life."

Kelly L.

"It was incredibly helpful to learn specific tools such as meditation and breathing exercises to refocus and calm the mind during stressful events. The demonstration videos were particularly helpful. It is one thing when someone simply suggests that you meditate and something very different when someone takes the time to show you how."

Ashly M.

 Facing Cause of Chronic Stress
"One important piece of information I learned was the cause of chronic stress. I could start to realize and explain why my stress has built up over several years and has never gone away."

Christina R.  RN

Focusing on Stressors

"As I went through each module, I was able to really focus on the stressors in my life and how they have impacted me over the years.
Being able to identify my stress reactions, stress symptoms, self-judgments, coping mechanisms, and social survival strategy has been very valuable.
To be able to have these insights, and now that I have the tools of being able to shift my chronic stress, is absolutely amazing!"

 Jenny G. RN

Made Stress Shift

"For me, this stress shifter process is allowing me to stop reacting dramatically and immediately to my own stressors, and rather center myself, better understand the root cause, and process how I am going to use that for the better good of myself and the whole. It will allow me to trust myself and also abandon my unhealthy self-judgments.”

Jamie H.


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Your Journey

to Becoming Less Stressed,

More Calm, Centered,

and Creative.

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Key Features of the Stress Shifter Online Program:

  •  4 Module Online Course on Mindful Stress Shifting

    Learn the skill of Stress Shifting.

     Brain Operating System

    Education – Explains how the old brain operating system becomes stressed. How to upgrade Brain OS to a higher level of functioning and creativity.

  •  Stress Profile

    Quick stress profile assessment tool to show possible stress triggers for a person. Includes detailed analysis of the Stress profile results.

  •  Stress Shifter App

    Learn the Skill of Stress Shifting to move through stress to empowerment with ease. Use the Stress Shifter app to make stress shifts anytime, anywhere.

  •  Charting your Stress Shifting Progress

    Stress Shifter will provide charts and key metrics to view your progress with reducing stress and increasing wellness.

  •  Tracking Progress with Notes and Searchable Journal

    Use Stress Shifter Journal to record and recall insights and understandings from each stress shift. Easily search journal to recall lesssons of what has worked before to shift stress.

  •  Daily Practices & Exercises

    Stress Shifter has a toolbox of many short daily practices, exercises, and meditations that can be used to make quick stress shifts.

  •  Create Private My Stress Shifter Account

    In your account, you will track your stress shifting progress as you work on shifting your own personal stressors.

  •  Create Stress Shifter Projects

    A Stress Shift project will be formed with specific actions to take and be accountable for.

  •  Participate in Safe Stress Shifter Community Forum

    A safe place to share insights, learnings, questions about stress shifting and get feedback from experienced stress shifters and support from fellow shifters.

  •  Personalized Stress Shifter Coaching for Individuals and Groups

    Schedule a 30 minute coaching session to work on making a Stress Shift with experienced trained coaches.


Key Features of the Stress Shifter App:

  •  Stress Shifter Dashboard

    Keep track of progress on each stress shift, and view list of stressors to do stress shifts on.

  • Four Step Stress Shifting Process

    Go through set of exercises to complete each step.

  •  Stress Shifter has Coaching Tips

    Utilize built-in coaching tips on each slide to more easily move through the stress shifting process.

  •  Identify Stressors

    Identify stressors that are currently being experienced.

  •  Identify Stress Triggers

    Become aware of the specific “Threat” that is triggering the Stress responses.

  •  Get in touch with true desires

    Clarify what you really want to be experiencing and creating.

  •  Gain Wisdom and Insights

    Learn from the stress to grow stronger.

  •  Develop Stress Shift Action Plan

    Define specific actions to make a Stress Shift.

  •  Create a Stress Shift Support Team

    To support your Stress Shift project, you will form a Support team to remind you of your intentions and hold you accountable to your promise to shift.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Stress Shifter Skills Course -

  • 4 Module Course view anytime - $400 Retail Value Price
  • Stress Shifter Support Community Membership- $199 per Year Retail Value
  • Stress Shifter App Subscription- $99 per Year
  • Coaching Tips Bonus Videos and Meditations- Included

Total Retail Value: $697

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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Notes on the Instructors

Over a combined 75 years of Meditation Experience is Behind the Stress Shifter Skills Course

The Stress Shifter Model was first developed in the 1980s by Allen Imbarrato.   The underlying concepts and principles came out of a seminar called, "Winning at Work and at Life," he delivered through the USA.  This seminar grew out his experience of practicing and teaching meditation for over 10 years, while living a monastic lifestyle.  The foundation of this work was mindfulness meditation practices long before the recent acknowledgment by neuroscientists of the value and importance of mindful meditation to our health and well being that is known today. 

Lindsay Leimbach is a well established Mindfulness teacher who has taught at JPL-NASA, American Heart Association, YMCA, City Governments, Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations and General Public for over 6 years.  Lindsay has a background in Psychology and Education and led Special Education School as Principal and Teacher for over 23 years.

Lindsay has worked closely with Mr. Imbarrato to learn the Stress Shifter Model and has delivered the Stress Shifter Course many times.  As a highly skilled presenter, Lindsay acts as the lead instructor in this online Stress Shifter Skills Course, while Allen will provide coaching tips and lead meditations. 

More People Share their Experience of Stress Shifter

"Learning the skill of stress shifting  is more than stress management, it actually empowers you to face what is causing your stress and have insights. You can become less reactive to the external environment and foster inner peace. This is a transformational course."

Lissa Coffey, Best Selling Author of 16 books on Health and Wellness

"Thank you so much for teaching the Stress Shifting Skill at the American Heart Association Meeting! Everyone feels stress in different ways and reacts to it in different ways. How much stress you experience and how you react to it can lead to a wide variety of health problems, possibly even heart disease— and that’s why your message is so critical. Thank you for helping keep us all healthy by sharing the important steps of Stress Shifting!"

Katie Beck Regional Director, Ventura county American Heart Association

"I learned Mindful Stress Shifting strategies that apply to everything - relationships, business, all of life." Andi Ackerman

"The Stress Shifter course was elucidating and had key information that I used immediately to make a positive impact on my day to day life." Karin Zerlin

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a four week course with each module being released once a week. Each Class will be available to view anytime for a year.

The Facebook Live Q & A sessions will be recorded and they will be posted to be viewed at your convenience.  If you have a question you can submit it beforehand and then view the replay when you have time. 

When you register for the course, you be invited to join the private Facebook Membership group.  You will then be able to post questions, insights, learnings to share with other students, and receive specific feedback from trained Stress Shifter coaches.

There are three lessons in each class.  Each lesson will have several short videos that you can view at your own pace.  You can view each lesson as often as you wish. 

Each class will have bonus coaching tips and meditations that will build on the material presented in each class to help with integration, assimilation and practice of the stress shifting skills.

A Private Community is set up on Facebook. It's a closed group where like-minded people are able to share their ideas and ask questions. Everyone in the community is taking the course with you.

Please email all questions to [email protected]. We are going to have a live talk answering these questions every Thursday, after the course release.

New modules will be released on Saturday mornings. The live talk will be the following Thursday. You can watch the module at your own time. You can even review it months later.

All live talks will be recorded, so you will be able to view them according to your own time and convenience.

You will always have access to the Stress Shifter App. In the course, we will explain in detail how to use the App and why it works.

It is not necessary. It's a web-based App, so you just login either on your phone, tablet or computer. You don't have to download anything.

Each module includes three lessons, each lesson ranges from 20 to 35 minutes long. Each lesson has multiple videos included so you can pace yourself and go at your own pace. Each module also includes meditations and bonus coaching tips.

Most likely, we will offer it again in 2020 but we can't guarantee the timing or the pricing.

Yes, you can, both Lindsay and Allen do private coaching electronically and in person. If this is a need, please contact us at [email protected].

Stress Shifter can help anyone in the post-secondary school, in the workforce, retired, or raising a family. It addresses stressful situations ranging from homework, health and finances.

No, Stress Shifter is a skill which you can use while you're continuing see your professional and supportive doctors in groups.

If one is in deep crisis, one should always seek professional help.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Stress Shifter Skills Course -

  • 4 Week Course Released Weekly to view anytime - $399 Retail Value
  • 4 Weekly Facebook Live Q & A Sessions (can be viewed later also)- $149 Retail Value
  • Stress Shifter Support Community Membership- $199 per Year Retail Value
  • Stress Shifter App Subscription- $99 per Year
  • Coaching Tips Bonus Videos and Meditations- Included

Total Retail Value: $697

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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